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Market-focused Skilling for the Industries of Today

In today’s competitive job market, training and skilling are crucial ways by which individuals can set themselves apart. These programmes convey deep knowledge of the industry, a thorough understanding of its working, as well as the initiative and drive of the individual. 

The programmes offered by the Competency Centre cater to a host of audiences — right from students looking to learn about a new industry to experienced professionals looking to polish existing skills. 

The programmes cover a range of subjects, including dentistry, engineering, and telecommunication. Each programme is designed to address the needs and requirements of the industry. This ensures that trainees enter the job market with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. 

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competency center offers industry relevant training programmes for Graduates, Postgraduates, Diploma holders and Working Professionals. These training course will help to acquire skills needed to start a job, and progress in a carrier. Through its programmes, the Competency Centre ensures training and lifelong learning for students.