Rm 7 TDMI Processors


  • What will you learn?

    • 1. Basic Concepts of a processor, Introduction to Assembly
      language, Introduction to RISC & CISC Architecture, ARM
      Programmers Model, Processor Modes, Endianness, Instruction
      Pipelining, ARM Architecture, ARM Processor Organization, ARM
      Instruction Set, Load Store Instructions, Data Processing
      Instructions, Branching & Exception, Thumb Instructions, ARM
      Applications, Programming LED, 7 Segment Display and Dip
      Switches using Evaluator 7T ARM Core Board. LCD display, RTC ,
      serial communication, ADC using LPC2129


What will you learn?

1. Sockets in Vxworks, BSD sockets, Datagarm sockets, stream
Sockets, Zbuf Sockets, Remote procedural calls, ULIP, RSH,
telnet, TFTP server, configuration of network protocol stack in
vxworks, overview of Network Interface Drivers, END drivers,
NPT drivers, Vxworks Network Programming: Client and server
programming using target systems, UDP and TCP sockets, Zerobuff stream sockets, RPC client and server stubs
implementation. Configuring Full Simulator for networking

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Regular Track — 2 Hrs / Day


30 Hrs



MTPs are open to engineering graduates/​diploma holders, engineering students, and working professionals with an appropriate background.

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