Antenna and Microwave Engineering

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  1. Introduction to Microwave engineering: Introduction to RF engineering and applications, Various frequency bands; Transmission line theory: open, short and terminated transmission lines: reflection coefficient, VSWR and return loss. Smith Chart. Transmission line types: coaxial, co-planar waveguide, strip-line, and micro-strip. Modes of propagation in rectangular and circular Waveguides cut off frequency of wave guide modes. 
  2. Multiport Networks: Characterization of Multiport Networks, Impedance and admittance matrices, ABCD & S- matrices, Relationship between Z and S‑parameters. Measurement of Sparameters. Impedance matching techniques 
  3. Introduction to Microwave antennas: Definition of antenna parameters, classification of antennas Feeding techniques of simple Antennas Near-field and far-field, radiation patterns of antennas,Analysis of antennas: Methods for analysis of antennas and Computational electromagnetic. Measurement Techniques in antenna Engineering: Radiation pattern, radiation efficiency, impedance and S‑Parameter
  4. Microwave link engineering: Introduction, Friis transmission formula, LOS requirements-Fresnel clearance, Fade margin, Link availability, and Link budget calculation for Satellite links 5. Laboratory: Empire-3D

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MTPs are open to engineering graduates/​diploma holders, engineering students and working professionals with an appropriate background.

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