Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB

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  1. Introduction to Digital image Processing, fundamentals of digital image representation, Human Visual system. Image acquisition and image sensors. 
  2. Image Enhancement: Image transformation and spatial filtering. Intensity transformation, histogram processing and function plotting and spatial filtering.Frequency domain processing, 2‑D Discrete Fourier transform, computing and visualizing the 2‑d DFT in MATLAB. Filtering in frequency domain. 
  3. Image Restoration: Different Noise models and different restoration methods. Colour image processing: colour image representation, basics of colour image processing, colour transformations and spatial filtering of colour images. 
  4. Image Segmentation: Point, line and edge detection. Line detection using Hough transforms. Threshold and region-based segmentation. Segmentation using watershed transforms. 
  5. Image Compression: Fundamentals of Wavelets, wavelet transform, use of wavelets in image processing. Lossy and lossless image compression. Entropy coding, JPEG and JPEG2000 standards. 6. Tools: MATLAB

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MTPs are open to engineering graduates/​diploma holders, engineering students and working professionals with an appropriate background.

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