High Speed Systems and Interconnects

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  1. Introduction to High Speed Board Design: PCB Design Environment, History of PCB, Challenges in Modern PCBs,
    Importance of Interconnect design, PCB Design Considerations, Major types of PCBs, Issues in high speed
    boards, PCB Design Process, High Speed Design Constraints 
  2. Fundamentals of High Speed Design : Frequency, Time and Distance, Lumped Versus Distributed Systems, Four Kinds of Reactance, Ordinary and Mutual Capacitance & Inductance
  3. Printed Circuit Board Design: What is PCB, Parts of PCB, Various Chip packages, multilayer PCB, Inductive Coupling,
    Capacitive coupling, Steps in PCB Design, Physical design Issue.
  4. Transmission Lines: Basic definitions, Electromagnetic Signal, Time and Frequency domain concepts, Transmission
    Lines, Lumped Vs Distributed Transmission Line, Microstrip & Stripline, Odd and Even Transmission Line, Reflection and Transmission Lines, Reflection calculations by mathematical analysis.
  5. Crosstalk in High Speed Board: What is Crosstalk, Near-end and Far-end Crosstalk, Crosstalk Induced Noise, Effect of crosstalk on transmission line parameters, Termination technique to reduce crosstalk, Crosstalk Trends, Design
    Guidelines and Rules of Thumb
  6. Signal Integrity: What is signal integrity, Effect of Signal Integrity on Transmission Line, Effect of Crosstalk,
    Termination, reflection and field solver, Analysis of Signal Integrity, Modeling and Simulation.
  7. Routing of High Speed Signal: Main issues for routing, Routing topologies, Rise and fall time degradation, Signal
    Skew, Line Termination, Power distribution and decoupling, PCB Stackup, Return Path Discontinuities, Ground/​Power Bounce, Decoupling Caps.
  8. Basics of Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Introduction to EMC, Aspects
    of EMC, EMC and High Speed Design, Electro Magnetic Interference, Various Sources of EMI, Conducted Emissions
    and Susceptibility, Test and Measurement of EMI, EMC standards , Electro-static Discharge (ESD), ESD Sensitivity,
    ESD prevention, EMC Vs ESD.
  9. High Speed Board Design for EMI/EMC Compliances: Definitions, Impact of EMI, EMC Fundamentals, Radiation
    80Hrs Rs.12000.00 and Conduction, Types of EMI, EMI characterization, Interference due to Signal Integrity, EMI Suppression, Bypassing & Decoupling, Grounding techniques & Trace Routing to protect Interference and ESD Protection.
  10. PCB Materials & Fabrication Process: Materials used in FPCB, Direct Materials, Indirect Materials, Manufacturing
    Processes for a Multi-layer PCB, Inner Layer Processing Material Selection, Laminating and Imaging of Internal
    Layers, Etch Process, Remove Laminating Film, Completed Inner Layer Core, Layer stackup, Bonding Heat and Electroplating and The designer and manufacturer interaction.
  11. Tools Used: ORCAD, Allegro full suite

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