Reconfigurable Embedded Platforms with FPGA

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  1. Introduction to modern embedded system design and SOC design: Definition and examples of Embedded digital
    systems with emphasis on communication and networking, SOC design for embedded systems, VLSI design issues for embedded systems – Power, Homogenous and Heterogeneous COREs, Instructions sets, and Addressing
    concepts for embedded processors – Example Xilinx, MicroBlaze and ARM Thumb instruction sets, Power PC and
    MicroBlaze register organization, Cache organization for MicroBlaze, interrupt controllers for Embedded processors
    – example of Power PC and ARM Interrupt controller, memory space for embedded processors like Power PC and
    MicroBlaze, Pipelines for modern embedded processors e.g. Power PC pipeline
  2. Architectures of common embedded processors: How to pick the right embedded processor for the application
    example in network processing, Overview of ARM Architecture overview, ARM AHB/AIX overview for connect
    80Hrs Rs.12000.00 and buses, AHB, APB, bus protocols. Case study of architecture of a basic AHB/APB bus bridge
  3. Bus architectures and protocols: Modern on chip interconnect for embedded processors, Need for on chip buses from power and throughput standpoint, Concept of OCP protocol, OCP sockets, Discussion of simple OCP socket design, OCP Core bridges, Case study of designing simple memory controller using OCP interface, Industry standard connect AMBA and its derivatives AXI bus protocol, Hierarchical AHB
  4. Implementation of on chip buses: Overview of Element interconnect Bus in CELL processor and overview of concepts behind high performance buses on SOCs, Case study of an actual NOC implementation for a high end
    communication processor with low power implementation, various methods of bus arbitration and implementation of practical low-power bus arbiters on FPGA, Case study of implementation of DMA controller on FPGA
    5. Implementation of communication and networking
  5. Algorithms on FPGA systems: Dissecting communication algorithms for HW-SW co-design, Basic elements for
    executing communication algorithms in embedded Code, optimizing embedded systems through optimization of SW and HW, Case study of implementation of a Wireline MAC on an embedded processor on FPGA
  6. Integration of Embedded processors on FPGAs: Integration of Xilinx MicroBlaze Core in FPGA. Key issues for CORE
    integration, Integration of a MicroBlaze core with an on chip bus. Address space optimization for system
    implementation, JTAG controller with IEEE 1149.1
  7. Power-PC for communication applications: Example of integration of Power PC in Xilinx FPGA- Key issues for
    integration –like interfacing, power, memory addressing, interrupt handling, Case study of a communication system
    example- low cost router for integration of Power PC on FPGA- the design cycle
  8. Xilinx MicroBlaze for networking applications: Anatomy of a network traffic management application, Ingress Queue and Egress queues, Queue depth, network traffic management, Use of MicroBlaze for managing traffic
    management, Packet flow control and its implementation on FPGA
  9. Software tools for embedded processors on FPGAs: Overview of SW tools like compilers, linkers and loaders and
    methodologies to integrate COREs in FPGA- specific case of Xilinx Micro-Blaze, Case study of design flow and
    integration of a Xilinx 32 bit processor CORE on FPGA, usage of Xilinx EDK (Embedded Development Kit)
  10. Future direction for embedded VLSI systems: Summary of current technology for embedded processors on FPGA,
    Future trends including issues of integrating multiple processor CORES on FPGA- case study
  11. Tools Used: MATLAB/​Simulink , Xilinx ISE, Xilinx uCos, Xilinx EDK

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